Efficient measurement and analysis of indoor climate with the VAC measuring instruments from Testo

The wide range of electronic instruments for the measurement of Indoor Air Quality available on the market reflects the many requirements in this area. Numerous parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure or CO2 must be recorded, analyzed and documented. The professional groups carrying out measurements in the field of air conditioning and ventilation are equally varied: from contractors to plumbing, heating and air conditioning experts or plant constructors, up to expert appraisers or assessors. However,these users often apply only measuring instruments which are able to record one or two parameters belonging to their main activities. Yet especially those instruments which can measure almost all IAQ parameters support the efficient processing and management of the corresponding data. They would considerably facilitate work for all professional groups in air conditioning and ventilation technology.

The challenge

A plumbing, heating and air conditioning expert uses an infrared temperature measurement to check insulation work on a heating system. Complex documentation is not necessary, so that as a rule, an entry instrument is sufficient. However, as soon as commisioning, installation, inspection or maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems (VAC) is necessary, more complex measurements are often required. For example, if there is a lack of well-being in open-plan offices, it becomes necessary to analyze draughts, uncomfortable temperatures or fatigue due to high CO2 concentrations. Such measurements can take several hours or days, and cannot be managed with an entry instrument. It is recommended in such cases that professional measurement technology is used, which is able not only to measure many different parameters, but also to analyze and correspondingly document them for the customer.

The solution

Modern measuring instruments such as the VAC measuring instrument testo 480 have a high level of convenience for the user, as well as efficient analysis, processing and management of large quantities of data using PC software. They support the customer with integrated measurement programs which allow fast and standardized measurement. What makes them special is the large selection of digital probes which provide considerable advantages. On the one hand they appreciably extend the area of activity of the user. There is hardly an IAQ measurement which cannot be conducted. On the other hand, the probes produce a digital signal which is transferred to the measuring instrument completely without any loss of information, and free of error. The technical measurement intelligence is thus in the probe itself. This means it can be calibrated even without using a portable instrument, avoiding downtime costs and substantially simplifying the entire calibration process. testo 480 with its probes fulfils numerous standards such as grid measurement of a VAC system according to EN 12599. The technician is prepared for everything, works quickly, obtains error-free measurement results and can present them to his customer directly on site. The customer can be certain that the technician conducts all relevant measurements and can adjust the VAC system according to the standards. And not only that, people have a greater sense of well-being, and it has been proven that they perform better at the workplace when the indoor climate is right. In addition to this, an efficiently adjusted system can avoid high energy costs. That saves the customer money.

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